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BAD & good news

Okay guys JCPC will now have the cheats posted on the JCPC blog by the mods (and sometimes posting on main page by other site admins)

It is because I have quit making  & editing my site, but there will be more stuff to come on the blog. If you want to be a mod join the site with your webs account and contact me at: JamesJCpCheats@hotmail.com and I may possibly make you mod. I may post 1 or 2 little things.

Bye Bye webs.


JamesJ's Final Post

Play Awards

Yo Guys the penguin play awards are back! You can meat Aunt Arctic, Gary, Penguin Band & Cadence there and backstage u can also pick up a free T.V camera for your penguin to wear look at me:

To do this you need to wear just your T.V camera and wave here is were u pick it up:

Okay, there are interview bits all over the island. The docks, ski hill, backstage almost every were and if you look in the docks you will find a press hat:

So that is it good bye!!!

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Puffle rescue

Yo guys puffle rescue has been released have a look:

so this is what the starting screen is:

if u complete the black puffle 1 this is where u end up:

don't forget to collect tht key otherwise if u dont u wont be able to re-enter underwater unless u do the game over again and if u dont pick up the key and u go through mineslip and underground lake look wat happens when u try to enter underwater:

so tht is puffle rescue.



Orange Puffle now in shops!

Hey guys u know the orange puffle rumors and the seeings in the box dimension they are true clubpenguin released these furry little creatures 3 days ago look at this newspaper page:

so guys i just helped a m8 yesterday to save up for 1 of these lil fellas and his name is trucker look at how he dances

he dances with a hoola hoop they are supposed to be the shyest puffle of all but he is not  look at his cheeckey big grin!hehe he is not shy!

ClubPenguin epf: herbets revenge

Hey Guys,

 I have found some EXCLUSIVE pictures and information about Club Penguins upcoming Nintendo DS game, Herberts Revenge.

This is a picture of the Herberts Revenge box:

Herberts Revenge

Here is what the games official Herberts Revenge logo:

Herberts Revenge Logo

I found this Exclusive information:

“Herbert’s Revenge will introduce new missions and mini games that are a bit like the original Elite Penguin Force game. A new feature in the game is that you can earn gold coins that can be used to buy items and unlock EXCLUSIVE levels in the virtual version of Club Penguin (play.clubpenguin.com). Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force: Herberts Revenge will be released on June 1st 2010.”

The sequel to the original EPF game looks pretty cool, right? I will be the first penguin to get their flippers on it!

Are you going to buy this game? Leave a comment on the forum and let me know!

Thats All For Now

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